Why don't you go with her?

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Who's been eating my peanuts?

Man is the only animal that talks.

In the last fifteen or twenty years, there have been great changes in family life in Britain.

I don't want to learn your language.

Is it true that man never gave you his name?

Open your book to page nine.

These photos have come out very well.


Jiro gave his suit a quick brush.

We shouldn't have told Laurent that.

His car has barely been distinguishable anymore since the accident.

Geoff lit another cigarette.

She cried when she heard the news.


Amy never really wanted to live in Boston.


You always were a fast reader.


I can't remember doing that.

All Urs wanted was for Van to love him as much as he loved her.

She planted roses in the garden.


Never again!

My daughter prefers science to languages or art.

I certainly have had great luck.

She is not a good sailor.

There's something I want to discuss with you.

Nikolai is an early riser.

Can you go with us?

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It's not an insult. It's an observation.

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The TV is on the blink.

Steven was very depressed.

I really want Saify to stop doing that.

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May I have a bus route map?

Micheal told me to close all the windows.

I take a bath almost every day.

Charlie doesn't drink alcoholic drinks at all.

Of course she can speak English.


I will show it to you.

I realize how frustrated you must be.

I didn't see you at Root's party last night.


Sandip didn't have time.

We just want to buy enough for three people.

Do not bend or fold!

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I don't know why people do that.

You will eat lightning and crap thunder.

In her misery, Klaudia looked to her husband for help.


The man you saw yesterday was my uncle.

He stared at the faithful miniature of the dinosaur.

The class of forty includes eighteen girls.


When was the last time you got a pedicure?

You don't need to tell Caleb what to do.

That's a very interesting one.

What kind of movies does Rick like?

I, too, am worried about Piet.


Did she mention the results of the exam?


Go get them a blanket.

I work for him.

Jinchao took off his sweater.

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Straka went to Boston on business.


What else did Lee eat?

He understands the risks.

Her doll was run over by a car.


I know that you still think about me.


How long will you stay here?

Do you blame yourself?

He pried open the locked door with a crowbar.

There's something I want to tell you.

She is very beautiful, and what is more, very wise.

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Rik is scruffy, isn't he?

My grandfather came over from Kyushu to Hokkaido.

I'll take back what I said.

I can't come with Kim

I wish it were tomorrow already.

If Dewey is looking for someone to blame, it'll be Jarmo.

Who beat you up?

She started doing her homework right after dinner.

I don't know if he will visit us next Sunday.

I'll take over your duties.

I get very angry when you don't answer my questions.


Tomorrow morning we're leaving Japan.


"You're pretty good at English, aren't you?" "I'd like to think so."

The bus left early.

Saul has never had to work hard in his entire life.

I was quoting him.

What an elegant yacht!


I can't believe you did that.

The bamboo gave but did not break.

His arm brushed against mine.


They're preparing food.

Looking for the first time for the possibility to find a sentence by its number, I was a bit confused. But soon I realized: I first have to click on a single sentence, then I see the search bar on the upper right side of the screen.

When was the last time you helped Tanya do his homework?


Triantaphyllos cut his finger.

He had the jump on me.

Is God important in your life?

I bet I can prove it.

When did you ask her to be your girlfriend?

Darin conducted himself in a gracious and dignified manner during his court appearance.

Renting a car was the best option.

Pay attention on the road.

Do you want to tell her?


Lincoln repeated the words.

Nicolas talks about that a lot.

My wisdom tooth hurts.

They were both drunk.

Too high expectations are often a cause for disappointment.


The weather is cold all year round here.

No one's that desperate.

Gilles wished he hadn't promised Ernie he'd help.

Transportation has been arranged.

What was his answer?

One of my teeth came out.

Mehrdad was working at his desk all morning.

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He didn't want to spend any more time with Pravin.


Far from being pleased, my father is very angry.


The reason for my absence is that I was ill.

You know Jianyun is a friend of Piotr's, don't you?

Time is the thing that keeps everything from happening at once.

Yesterday, my boyfriend told me he'd heard that beautiful women love to be called intelligent, and intelligent women love to be called beautiful. Then he added, "So you must love it that people call you both." In your opinion, how am I supposed to feel about that?

Casper shielded her eyes from the sun.

Connie tried to hide his disappointment.

The wrestler has a formidable grip.

The detective has a lot of adventures.

Did you have any problem getting all your work done?


I wish you had told me.

I'll see what I can do.

Everybody was startled.

Now I am free.

Rafael smelled a rat.

We usually walk to school.

Take care not to drop that glass.

The event will take place on November fifteenth.

Everyone is talking about Miriamne.


His carpet is completely white.


After working all day, I'm tired.

Something was going on.

Phiroze was offered a leading role in a horror movie.

I prefer mutton to beef.

Mysore is a worm.

I wonder if Gene still likes Suresh.

Tomas just told me what I wanted to hear.

Tanya doesn't like it when people park in front of his house.

I'm the one who should be thanking you.

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Their money ran out.


Mah used her smartphone as a mirror to touch-up her makeup.


This lake is deep.


She's out for a walk.

They saw a drunkard lying in the road.

The sky is clear. Not a cloud in sight.


I bet Perry would be a good teacher.


Jerry is looking for a convenience store that sells lottery tickets.

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Bea didn't say where he was planning to go.


How is the word accented?

Do you think we convinced him?

Alejandro will hear me.

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We'll try it your way this time.


Oh, gods, my gods, poison, bring me poison!...

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You better hide somewhere.